About Us

We started out as a site that gave you the best financial news, like well-researched articles on Point of Sale machines and other similar things.

Over time, we learned that we had a secret love for football reporting, so we thought it would be a good idea to keep you up to date on our love for the sport.

We look for the best football news every day and send it to fans through this site.

So how do we get traffic, or more accurately, readers?
At first, it was hard to get football fans to visit our site. However, as time went on, we learned that we could bring passionate football fans from our Facebook audience of over 10 million followers to read content from this site.

Since we turned our secret passion into a business, we’ve been able to bring in over 20,000 unique users a day who want to read well-researched content from our platform, and we want to keep doing that.

Even though we just got started in this business a few minutes ago, it’s already a pleasure to see signs that we’re going to be big.

Who is making this Project happen?
We’ve been working hard to make sure this site becomes a household name wherever football is talked about.

With the help of our team of writers, we are determined to make this dream come true.