(Video) Another selfish play from Marcus Rashford which could have give Manchester 2 goals ahead Manchester City

He seems to have the best chance of scoring, but there’s no prize for guessing that.

He just beat Rodri with his speed, but Ederson made a save.

At this point, United should be upset that they are not in the lead. Rodri did a good job of getting close to Rashford just enough to throw him off balance. Rashford doesn’t usually miss chances that close to the goal, but he’s had two great chances now.

United has been doing a great job of managing the game. They have found creative ways to make openings, and they don’t need breakaways as much as they did in the first 15 or 20 minutes. City hasn’t done much in the last third of the game.

On Saturday afternoon, Manchester United will play Manchester City at Old Trafford in the Premier League.

United lost the first Manchester derby of the season, at the Etihad, by a score of 6-3. Two late goals from Anthony Martial made that score look better, but he may not be able to play today at Old Trafford.

But Erik ten Hag’s team has improved since losing the derby. They haven’t lost any of their last eight games, including over the holidays, which has given fans hope for a good result against City.

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