(Video) Reason for Arsenal sudden change in performance and their sticky top position

The support in Arsenal team this season is one of the key to their leading perfromance, Take a look at the video showing assistant manager Albert Stuivenberg and set piece coach Nicolas Jover joining Mikel Arteta In dishing out instructions to the players after Gabriel Martinelli’s goal, everyone wants the best for Arsenal and are willing to do anything it takes.

According to Frank Lampard, Frank Lampard explained why Arsenal is doing so well this season in the Premier League.

Lampard said that Arsenal’s improvement didn’t happen overnight, but was instead the result of a lot of money being put into the team.

After being fired from Chelsea, Lampard went to Everton and took over for Rafa Benitez 11 months ago.

Lampard kept the Toffees in the Premier League, but the team hasn’t been very good this season and is currently in the relegation zone.

Lampard could be fired if Everton loses to Manchester United in the FA Cup tomorrow night, but the former Chelsea midfielder and manager says he has what it takes to turn things around at the club.

In fact, Lampard said that Mikel Arteta had trouble in his first two years at Arsenal before he turned the team into a title contender, even though he had to spend more than £300 million on new players.

“Yes, I think the way we try to move the team forward is getting better,” Lampard told the press on Thursday.

“There is no story about Arsenal being at the top of the Premier League this year, even though they are the best team in the league this year.

“If you look at their journey over the last three years, you can see what a typical journey looks like,” Lampard said, adding that the Gunners’ journey has never been easy.

Before their 4-0 loss to Brighton on Tuesday, the Toffees tied 1-1 with Manchester City in their last game.

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