(Video) We need him back! Check the magnificent goal scored by Arsenal lonee Balogun today

Folarin Balogun has been enjoying his latest loan move from Arsenal to Ligue 1 team Reims, where he is a regular starter. A new statistic shows how important he is to his team.

So far this season, our young player has scored eight goals, which is more than impressive for someone with so little first-team experience. This number has been made even more impressive by the fact that his team has only scored 16 goals so far, with Flo taking credit for half of them.

Balogun has scored the most goals for any team in France’s top division. This shows how important he has been in keeping his team in the middle of the table. However, the division is tight, and if they don’t watch out, they could easily be dragged down to the bottom.

We hope that the 21-year-old can pick up where he left off before the World Cup, because his goals could be the difference between their team staying safe or not. However, he can’t do everything by himself, so it might not hurt for them to look for new players to add to their team.

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