(Video) Watch C.Nkunku Dribbling and Playmaking? and how his signing affects the Chelsea team

How Nkunku signing affects the Chelsea team

Most of the times when teams have deployed defensive shapes  this season, we have struggled with penetration between lines and therefore unable to break teams defensive shapes.

Besides the goal threat, Nkunku offers both directness in dribble than mason mount and Close threatening dribbles in short space far way better than sterling.

In matches we also struggle with a player who can carry balls from deep our own half and provide transition through large acres of spaces. Havertz & Sterling couldn’t master this role well as they would loose possession more often. Ziyech suffered from both  team formation shape and his own physical inadequacies in strength and pace. This role was expected of Pulisic but we are yet to see fruition of his potential. This has greatly affected our speed of transition and ability to create chances from defensive shape. Nkunku however would give Chelsea attack a new dimension as he plays this linkup role very well.

His dribbling, physical strength, ball retention and playmaking  abilities would also give Chelsea options to  deploy a varied team shape in attack based on maximization of his abilities.

In a 3-4-3 and 3-5-2 that potter oftenly adopts, he could play both as false nine that could help bring the best out of other attacking midfielders or the as the other supporting deep lying striker. His work rate also gives the coach the option to diverge from this two formations without loosing the defensive stability.

His abilities and speed of thoughts in keeping possession in tight areas and ability to play fast one-two passes in the wide areas and in the box should help unlock Pulisic. His abilities to drag several defenders with him without loosing possession would also help create spaces for other attacking players to exploit.

For 53M, this transfer is a heist

As long as the man is not deployed  as a defender or weird tactical instructions, Chelsea should surely benefit from his plenty of strength.

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