Reason for the penalty shootout after Arsenal won against AC Milan

Arsenal won Full-time

Arsenal win the Dubai Super Cup! The three points mean the Gunners have won the competition no matter the result of the shootout to come.Commentary of the penalties to come.


Arsenal defeated Lyon 3-0 in their opening game of the Dubai Super Cup yet the game went to penalties which the Gunners still won 2-1.

Why is it so?

According to rules of the competition, after each match, a penalty shootout will also take place for additional points to be gained.

Points are awarded as follows:

  • A win is worth three points
  • A draw will see each team earn two points
  • A penalty shootout will be held after every match, with the winning team earning an extra point

The team with the most points from their two matches will win the competition.

Goals from Nketiah, Gabriel and Vieira gave the Gunners a resounding victory. They face Ac Milan on Wednesday.

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