(Video) Moment Xhaka was punched and choked by the neck during last night game

Granit Xhaka had the last laugh as Serbia was eliminated from the World Cup after a heartbreaking 3-2 loss to Switzerland. Brazil also advanced to the round of 16.

Serbia was incensed when they weren’t given a penalty in their World Cup loss to Switzerland because Granit Xhaka got involved in a late altercation.

Following a collision with Serbian defender Nikola Milenkovic, the Arsenal captain was in the middle of a large brawl between the two teams of players. When Milenkovic and Xhaka collided and the midfielder was shoved, the former was attempting to shield the ball out for a goal kick.

Xhaka refused to back down, and the two squared off. Players from both sides joined the melee, which eventually moved back to the center of the field. Both players received yellow cards for their troubles, and as things got worse, Xhaka had to be dragged away from the scene by his teammates.

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