Several Man United supporters were unimpressed by Antony’s performance for Brazil.

Fans’ opinions on Antony have been divided as a result of his performance in Brazil’s World Cup loss to Cameroon by a score of 1-0.

Arsenal and rival supporters think the Manchester United winger was just acting showy.

While some of our fellow supporters weren’t overly impressed with what he did, that isn’t entirely accurate. Additionally, his weaker right foot received a lot of attention on Reddit.

? Iansingricky: “Antony has been bad his lack of right foot makes him so predictable.”

? Seanblaze3: “Antony can’t beat his man. That ball rolling isn’t fooling anyone lol.”

? Goji-ra: “He did not have the greatest game. He was inefficient. That’s just stating the fact of this game.”

? niallw1997: “He’s been absolutely terrible this second half especially.”

However, one fan posted a lengthy comment as he defended Antony’s display.

? TheSmio wrote: “Antony wasn’t great today, but he was still being useful.

“This is the thing with him. We paid a lot of money for him, but he really isn’t a very productive winger.

“His Ajax numbers weren’t all that impressive because of this. He is very much a team player who supports his teammates and makes them more effective, but he won’t be winning you games by himself.

“Him not being able to get past his defender makes up a pretty big part of his game because 1) his 1v1 ability isn’t the best and 2) it’s not his end product anyhow, which would be him trying to look as much of a threat as he can so that the winger on the other side of the pitch and the striker have more space.”

The supporter added: “Antony advances the ball. He essentially only plays that one role, which is what made him great for Ajax and what he brings to the table.

“[Erik] Ten Hag loves him] because he can take the ball reliably and dribble it forward closer to the box.”

How did Antony perform in the defeat to Cameroon, in your opinion? Fill us in below!

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