(Video) All Raheem Sterling performance Iran Fifa World Cup 22

Manager voice on BBC after the match

“I’m a bit fed up with the end of it, really! To win by that margin, to play as we did for the majority of the game, we’ve got to be really happy. We looked ready.

The players dealt with the game really well. Our press was really good, our movement was really good. I’ve got to be really happy. But we shouldn’t be conceding two goals at that stage of the game.

We’ll have to be right on our game against the States. It’s a great start, but we’ll have to be better. We lost concentration and when we play at a slower tempo, we’re not anywhere near as effective.

I’m a miserable so-and-so, I should be more excited! But I have to keep the team on the right track and we will have to be better.”

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