(Video) The Arsenal new structure that enables reliable combination play and compactness

Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal combine like City and counterpress like peak Liverpool.

The structure enables short passing distances as each zone is occupied, irrespective of what player is in it, and that enables reliable combination play AND compactness!

Pfff.. if Garnacho has the physicality he’s a sure thing to explode. The technical and mental quality is there, but we need to see more of that speed! Exciting talent, no doubt.

Zinchenko should be getting similar plaudits to those in which Gabriel Jesus is receiving. His pass volume, press resistance and constant inversions are largely why Arsenal control 90% of each game they play. He’s also brave to back up the press by pressing really high.

It was always a case of getting more control for Arsenal, and the simple fact of the situation is that they needed more athleticism up front to stretch the pitch and better technical quality in the build-up. They now have it and others have more opportunities to attack.

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