3 Times The Referee And VAR Made Terrible Decisions Against Arsenal During yesterday Game

Arsenal and Southampton drew 0-0 at St. Mary’s Stadium on Sunday.

Despite a decent showing, Arteta’s squad lost. Arsenal went ahead after 11 minutes.

Xhaka’s strike gave Arsenal a well-deserved lead after Ben White’s cross. Gabriel Jesus squandered two chances to enhance Arsenal’s lead because of Southampton’s goaltender.

Armstrong let Southampton re-enter. The attacker’s instinctive 65th-minute goal placed Arsenal under pressure.

Arsenal tried to reclaim the advantage in the second half, but Southampton was tenacious.

The referee and VAR made many questionable calls during the game. If the referee had made accurate calls, the game’s outcome would have been different.

Today’s referee and VAR made three awful judgments against Arsenal.

Caleta-Car packaging Gabriel Jesus

Caleta-13th-minute Car’s foul on Gabriel Jesus shocked the referee, who continued play. Video Assistant Referee didn’t review Arsenal’s penalty shout.

Lyanko headbutting Nketiah

The referee made another bad call. Lyanko’s violent conduct in the game remains unexplained. The referee and VAR warned the midfielder for headbutting Nketiah.

Gabriel Jesus’ first-half backpush.

Caleta-Car fouled Gabriel Jesus in the first half. The Brazilian striker was pushed from behind before the defender stomped on his left leg to prevent him from passing.

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