De Bruyne makes an Arsenal claim while explaining Arteta evolution

De Bruyne makes an Arsenal claim while explaining Arteta evolution

Kevin De Bruyne said Mikel Arteta’s impact on Arsenal is similar to Manchester City’s.

The Arsenal manager began his coaching career at City under Pep Guardiola, winning two Premier League titles and an FA Cup.

Arteta has had some rocky periods as Arsenal’s manager, but his stock has never been higher with the Gunners four points ahead of City.

De Bruyne has worked with Arteta and thinks he’s brought his City skills to north London.

De Bruyne said he wasn’t surprised by Arteta’s Arsenal performance.

“We play similarly, but that’s always been his style. I think it was a good learning school for him after he stopped playing football. Great years.

“I saw Mikel evolve over three years before he left. He adapted at first, but then grew into his role.

We saw he was ambitious and would take advantage of opportunities.

Guardiola often praised Arteta when asked about his work at Arsenal.

De Bruyne joked that he wants Arteta to succeed at Arsenal as long as City wins.

De Bruyne: “It’s nice that Arsenal gave him time, that’s difficult.”

“I’m happy for him that things are going well. We hope they’re not good enough!”

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