(Video) This Arteta speech hit different and touching, the words that pushes team to victory

The manager speaks:

“Edison invented the lightbulb.

Today I want to see a team that is connected, because a bulb by himself is nothing.”

At this point, Arteta provides the bulb with electricity, lighting it up before the players.

He continues:

“I want to see a team that is connected with each-other and shines.

“And you want to transmit to him light and energy and passion and how you play football, and you too the same.”

Arteta walks to each player, holding the lightbulb. which continues to shine:

“And each of us play the game connected.

“Because what happens when we play connected guys?

“What is the next thing that happens?

“That we connect with 60,000 people that creates more energy because at the end is electricity that through heat creates light and life.

“Because if not, it would be f**king dark, if this guy wouldn’t have the idea to do that.”

At this point, the Arsenal boss puts down the bulb:

“And I want you to play like this today because as good as we are, it depends on one thing.

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