Arsenal 3-1 Tottenham: Three things we learned and noticed from the whole activities

Arsenal 3-1 Tottenham: Three things we learned and noticed from the whole activities
Arsenal 3-1 Tottenham: Three things we learned and noticed from the whole activities

1 – October is no longer a cause for concern…

When the Premier League schedule was announced back in June, there was more to be frightened of this month than just Halloween. There were important home games against Tottenham, Liverpool, and Manchester City. Enough to prevent any pundits and some more pragmatic Gooners from getting overly enthused about our early-season performance.

Yesterday’s convincing victory in the first of those games sets a very high bar and also shows that we are in charge of the media narrative. If we hadn’t won on Saturday afternoon, it would have been simple for the usual outlets to claim “they still can’t perform in the big games” following our regrettable loss at Old Trafford. But more than just winning the game, we dominated it (see point 2).

Liverpool is horribly out of form and probably fears visiting us next week more than we fear them due to the tragic passing of The Queen, which caused events that have now moved the Manchester City game. All of a sudden, October seems like a month to enjoy without any worries.

  1. We can now dominate in important games.

Do not believe any Tottenham supporters who claim that Saturday’s game was altered by the red card. Even though the final score was the same as it was the previous year, I’d even venture to say that we displayed much more dominance overall. One criticism leveled at Arteta’s Arsenal for the 2020–21 season was that they infrequently combined two strong halves. Even the top teams in the world struggle to maintain dominance throughout an entire game.

Yesterday, we only had one 10-minute stretch of subpar play, which was the five minutes either side of Tottenham’s goal. So it is a great accomplishment that we were able to control the derby for more than 80 minutes. That was largely due to the outstanding collective midfield performance (see point 3). It wasn’t a matter of luck; the victory was entirely deserving.

  1. We witnessed one of Arsenal’s most impressive midfield displays in recent memory.

Yesterday, those of us who were fortunate enough to be watching Arsenal games when Vieira and Petit were in charge of our midfield experienced a nostalgic flashback. Even without mentioning their goals, Granit Xhaka and Thomas Partey were crucial to everything in this game. Another level of Xhaka’s game is unlocked by his faith in Partey to put in the necessary work from behind the scenes.

Let’s also give credit to the manager, who kept Partey touch-tight to Kane whenever he entered the middle third in order to watch him “drop deep and spin the ball into the channels.” Son had to be used as that outlet by Tottenham when it became clear that the England striker wasn’t getting his way. Rarely did he get past our midfield, but when he did, the amazing William Saliba skillfully martialled him.

Hopefully, we will scout and handle Mohammed Salah next week with the same effectiveness.

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