(Video): Right or Wrong? Martinelli goal that was disallowed for Arsenal vs Man United

Martinelli goal disallowed

Martinelli picks up a pass and confidently puts the ball past David De Gea, but Odegaard is blamed because Eriksen wasn’t protected in the buildup.

  1. That’s was a very wrong decision by VAR, English FA should know the kind of matches and the petty fouls they should pay attention to. A young vibrant Arsenal been robbed in such a manner is unfair ?. This is a very important game for them ,please don’t kill their spirit. VAR has been so bias since the start of the season. We hope they improve.

  2. I think the VAR English FA should know these petty foul tricks by players they should pay attention to. The young Gunners were robbed yesterday by the VAR thing of such can killed the Team Spirit and am sure that led to the game result.

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