5 reasons why Arsenal have prioritised Pedro Neto transfer over Yeremy Pino 

Pedro Neto is favored above Villarreal’s Yeremy Pino by Arsenal. Exciting! Pedro Neto is one of the Premier League’s young prospects not signed by a big six club, although Arsenal could do so this summer.

The Gunners have reportedly been in talks with Neto through agent Jorge Mendes, and Mikel Arteta is a fan. There are many reasons to appreciate Neto, but he’s not the only wide player Arsenal has been linked with; Yeremy Pino has also been mentioned.

Neto’s Premier League experience separates the two. Despite missing the first part of last season and the end of 2020/21 with a fractured patella, he has already made 76 Premier League games.

Without it, he’d have 100 league appearances. Bukayo Saka played 100th game for the Gunners against Bournemouth.

Yeremy Pino only played in Spain. Young Neto has experience in Portugal, Italy, and England.

Comparing Neto’s 2020/21 season, in which he played 31 league games before his injury, to Pino’s 2021/22 season with Villarreal, in which he also played 31, shows the two players at their best.

Neto had five goals and six assists, while Pino had six and four. Pino’s xG was 6.2 vs. Neto’s 4.8.

Neto’s predicted assist per 90 was 0.22 vs. Pino’s 0.17. This shows Neto’s creativity. Multiple locations were affected.

5 reasons why Arsenal have prioritised Pedro Neto transfer over Yeremy Pino 

Neto played 14 times on the left, 7 times as an offensive midfielder or second striker, 8 times on the right, and 4 times as a center-forward, according to Transfermarkt.

Neto played left and right wing-back against Spurs this season. Mikel Arteta loves versatile players, and I said last week that Fabio Vieira could be our Diogo Jota, but Neto is even more suited to be that kind for our frontline.

Neto’s pressures per 90 were lower than Pino’s (11.8 vs. 15.0), but his were more successful (28.5% vs. 26.5%). Neto, fit and playing for Arsenal, might generate further pressure.

He averaged 17.3 pressures per 90 last season, more than Pino. Despite the tiny sample size, it’s optimistic.

Neto excels creatively. In 2020/21, he had 2.12 assists per 90 minutes, compared to Pino’s 1.18.

His on-ball ability far surpasses Pino’s. Carries per 90 (41.3 > 31.6), progressive yardage (178.8 > 89.5), final third dribbles per 90 (3.18 > 1.02), and box dribbles per 90 (1.91 > 1.13).

These stats compare a Wolves player to a Villarreal player in La Liga. Even though the setting suggests Neto would have greater challenges, he succeeds.

Arsenal would obtain a quality player who is better than their major alternative. Edu must be ruthless to close the transaction.

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